copy-cropped-scheepstegel-kleurcorrectie.jpgSince 1995 this page has become a connection for people searching for the roots of different families “NAUTA”. The Frisian distirct in the north of the Netherlands seems to be an area where lots of Nauta’s lived during the last four centuries. However the two earliest Nauta’s, in 1240 and 1310, are found in other parts of the Netherlands.

For now systematic research is has broadened to the entire Netherlands. However information about foreign families is not ignored but filed for later investigation. My actual database exists of circa 6.400 persons, from which about 3.660 are using the name Nauta. They are linked in about 2.350 families, which have to be linked to another to get complete familytrees.
Although my research in the Netherlands is not completed, I will extend my inventarisations to the rest of the world over all periods. Because of the large amount of incomplete data, for me it’s impossible to give complete online information. However, I’ll do what is possible to answer individual questions. Therefor I hope this page will get Nauta’s and other families in contact with each other all over the world.

More information can be found on the dutch part of this page. My entire database can be found on
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